Company Registration

Though the process of incorporation is complicated, we can get it done for you within 8 working days with the help of our knowledge base & experience.
Nominal Fees for Incorporation / Formation / Registration of Company is Rs. 14999/-  (All Inclusive) i.e. (Our Professional Fees + Registration Fees + Stamp Duty + All Hidden Costs). 
@14999, you will get all the following things:

  1. DIN (Director Identification of Number) of two promoters.
  2. Digital Signature of one promoter.
  3. Name approval of company.
  4. Certificate of Company Incorporation.
  5. PAN (Permanent Account Number) of company.
  6. TAN (Tax deduction Account Number) of company.
  7. Memorandum of Association of company.
  8. Articles of Association of Company.

Documents required:

At least 2 persons are required to incorporate a new company. Husband & wife can be promoters of a company. Following documents are required of all the promoters.

1.  One latest passport size photo of each promoter.

2.  Identity Proof PAN Card is must.

3. Address Proof (Passport / Driving License / Voter Identity Card / Updated bank

passbook / Latest Telephone Bill / Latest Electricity Bill / Ration Card).

Meaning of Terms used during Company Registration


DIN means Director Identification Number. Everyone who wants to be a director of any company in India is required to take DIN. Same number can be used for directorships in various companies. Therefore, for Company Registration DINs are required.

Memorandum of Association:

For the Company Registration, one of the documents that must be presented to the Registrar of Companies is “Memorandum of Association”. Contents of the memorandum of Association of a private company are

i.        The name clause: The name of the Company

ii.       The domicile clause: The name of the State or Union Territory in which the registered office of the company is to be situated.

iii.     The objects clause: The objects should be divided in three groups under three distinct headings, namely

a.      Main Objects (to be pursued by the company on its incorporation)

b.      Objects incidental or ancillary to the attainment of the main objects

c.      Other Objects

iv.    The liability clause: The Company limited by shares must state that the liability of the members of the company is limited.

v.      The capital clause: A company having a share capital must state the total amount of the share capital with which the company is to be registered and its division in different classes or kinds of capital.

vi.    The association and subscription clause: A company must state the intention of the subscribers of the memorandum to associate themselves with the company and agreeing to take the shares of the company.

vii.   Particulars pertaining to the subscribers:

a.      Name

b.      Address

c.      Occupation

d.      Father’s / Husband’s Name

e.      Number of Shares to be taken up

Articles of Association:

For the Company Registration, one more document that must be presented to the Registrar of Companies is “Articles of Association” This document sets out voting rights of shareholders, conduct of shareholders’ meetings and directors’ meetings, powers of the management etc. The articles have a contractual force between the company & its members as also between members inter se in relation to their rights as such members. Directors or any outsiders cannot use the articles to enforce their rights.

Certificate of Incorporation:

Certificate of incorporation given by the Registrar is conclusive evidence that all the requirements of the Companies Act have been complied with in respect of Company Registration and matters precedent and incidental thereto, and that the association is now company.